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The Newcomb Group is a full-service community management company specializing in the needs of homeowner, condominium and villa associations.  We manage 105 associations ranging in size from 17 to 472 homes, totaling over 11,000 homes in Northeast Indiana. We manage $6 million in assets. We assist in managing over 1,200 acres and 300 acres of lakes/ponds.

We take great pride in our long-term solutions for our clients' needs and the relationships we have developed throughout the community.  We are proud to have served many of our clients for years and feel this long-term retention reflects their high level of satisfaction with our performance and integrity.

Administration of an association is a task which leaves many Boards of Directors and homeowners exhausted.  It comes as no surprise that many forward-thinking communities look to professional management for guidance and direction.  Budget preparation, committee oversight, financial reporting and neighborhood common area preservation are a few of the numerous important association responsibilities.  Effective community management is becoming increasingly challenging, requiring a consistent and organized approach to meet the needs of each community. 

If your association's needs include a professional team committed to providing the best service, with the highest level of integrity, please consider The Newcomb Group.
  • The Newcomb Group is an absolute pleasure to work with, both for the Board and neighbors. I receive frequent comments from neighbors who have contacted them with various questions and needs and the uniform feedback is that they are pleasant, helpful and courteous. I have found them to be the same with the Board – always well prepared, helpful, able to anticipate and address issues, and, perhaps most importantly, very easy to work with. The entire Board shares these views and we consider ourselves fortunate to work with such an outstanding property management group.
    David C. Milne President, Chestnut Hills Community
  • It has been a very pleasurable experience serving on our neighborhood association board for 7 years, working directly with the Newcomb Group.  With 353 homes in our neighborhood, the day to day operations of a large association would be insurmountable without the assistance and guidance of an honest, dependable, and experienced property manager.  Since 2006, The Newcomb Group has always served our community in a very professional manner, making the well-being and safety of our neighbors and our properties their top priority. They make our job, as board members, easy and enjoyable!
    Bob Patton Vice President, Whispering Meadows Community Association
  • My experience with The Newcomb Group began when I was elected President of the Pine Valley Isles Neighborhood Association. Initially, I worked with Court and Katrina Newcomb and found them to be pleasant, knowledgeable and thorough. We credit The Newcomb Group for cleaning up our delinquencies and staying on top of property issues that are critical to property values in our area.

    Recently, Kyle Newcomb was introduced to our association as the person who would be our primary contact. We have not been disappointed. Our contact with Kyle has been pleasant, professional and thorough as well. His energy and professionalism are a credit to the company. It is my sincere pleasure to work with The Newcomb Group. They are responsive to our issues and bring a level of service that is top notch.
    Eric Black President, Pine Valley Isles Community Association
  • Hiring TNG was the best decision our Board has made.  They are very easy to work with, efficient, cost effective and all around have made the governance of our homeowners association very easy.  I highly recommend TNG.
    Julie Kyler Board Member and Past Secretary, Emerald Lake Community Association
  • The Newcomb Group has surpassed all expectations in managing our association. Their attention to detail and professionalism allows everything to run smoothly throughout the year. I know after one phone call any matter will be handled in a timely fashion.
    Dave Shoppell President, Inverness Lakes Extended Community Association
  • I have been president or involved with our neighborhood association for over twenty years. It was overwhelming to try to manage a neighborhood of 224 homes, a tennis court and over sixteen acres of common area with volunteers, on a part time basis.  Hiring The Newcomb Group was one of the best things we ever did. We now have peace of mind knowing someone else is helping us manage the collection of assessments, maintenance issues and architectural guideline issues.
    Dan Humbert President, Glens of Liberty Mills Community Association
  • We always had difficulty with timely dues collection. Since contracting with The Newcomb Group our dues collections have been 100%! Additionally, their regular review of our budget and annual maintenance contract negotiation has helped us meet the expectations of our members. A pleasure to work with!
    Jerry Ryland President, Candle Lite Park Homeowners Association
  • I have worked with The Newcomb Group for several years, both as a member and President of a Community Board in one of the larger communities in Fort Wayne. My experience with The Newcomb Group has been terrific – Court, Kyle and their team are maniacal in terms of customer service, routinely going well above and beyond what is expected to ensure our community is managed and maintained to the highest possible standards. Their commitment not only entails making personal sacrifices, but they have saved the Community Association well over $100,000 in the last couple of years by being creative and aggressive with service providers. For example:

    - They took turns taking three hour shifts to ensure a pump worked and was fueled over several days when a fairly large pond needed to be drained (going through three pumps in the process);
    - Pushed the contractors for the associated work to save over $60,000 off original quotes;
    - Pushing contractors for alternative and additional bids that resulted in quality repairs to our tennis courts at a savings of over $70,000 off the original quote;
    - Significant efforts to track down and recover unpaid association fees (without alienating neighbors) resulted in no outstanding fees in 2018 and only two in 2019 (in a neighborhood with 472 homes);
    - Efforts to obtain surveys to ensure that the Community Association is maintaining the entire common area under its control, while also allocating responsibility for private property to homeowners.
    David C. Milne President, Chestnut Hills Community
  • The Bittersweet Moors Association has been very satisfied with the management company, The Newcomb Group.  They are organized, knowledgeable and true professionals in every sense of the word. They have helped our association with legal issues, financial reporting and collection of our Association fees. I would highly recommend them to any Association that wants to find a better way to manage their neighborhood.
    Mindy Thoma President, Bittersweet Moors Community Association
  • We, The Westchester Glens Villaminium Association, have partnered with The Newcomb Group since 2011. Their performance as property managers has been exemplary, dues are collected and bills are paid timely, financial statements prepared monthly and annually, membership and board mailings and attendance of meetings, handling of vendor selection, and addressing exterior maintenance problems, scheduled or otherwise, handled directly and expeditiously. We are certainly looking forward to continuing this relationship in the future, and we would certainly recommend their services to others.
    John Louks President, Westchester Glens Villaminium Association
  • I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about The Newcomb Group. The Newcomb Group has been handling our association business since 2013. I am quite pleased with the response and dealings I’ve had with the group. All members are very professional. They respond to our needs and requests quickly and efficiently. I could not asked have for a better company to work with than The Newcomb Group.
    Tom Kronstain Arlington Heights II Homeowners Association
  • Our Concord Place Condominium Association has been happily dealing with The Newcomb Group since 2007. We have found them to be a firm of integrity. They are responsible in the management of our funds and area, always thinking of what is best for all the residents. They are responsive to our needs and we know that, with any concern, one of the team will get back to us as soon as possible.

    They put forth the effort to make things right. I wouldn’t want to work with another management firm.
    Carol Ann Terwilliger Board Member, Concord Place Condominium Association

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