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    Our Services

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    Our Services


The Newcomb Group has a deep respect and appreciation for each of our communities, regardless of the size. We recognize that each community is special and has unique features and needs.

As you know, it takes more than one person to manage a community association. Our team works together to help increase the value of your community, providing complete management and financial services. It is our combination of experience, dedication, and integrity that helps us serve each of our community's individual needs.


The quality of management can dramatically impact operational costs, the quality of life for the residents and the appreciation of their property values.

Communities develop reputations. Some are well maintained and look terrific. Their residents are happy and enjoy where they live. As a result, these communities often achieve greater appreciation in property values than others. The reason can usually be attributed to excellent management.

When you choose The Newcomb Group as your management partner, we will handle your extensive range of responsibilities with confidence - from managing meetings, to handling correspondence, from preparing financial reports to coordinating maintenance needs and answering questions from the board of directors and association members. We have a proven track record of helping associations run smoothly.


Professional leadership in all facets of community management.

Our personalized management services exceed what is commonly expected from today's community management companies. What resonates most with residents is how The Newcomb Group saves their community association time and money.
•  Maintain all records of the Association
•  Maintain insurance coverage
•  Prepare and deliver all meeting documents
•  Maintain a current roster of all owners
•  Provide e-mail contact to all Board members
•  Receive and respond promptly to all concerns and requests of homeowners
•  Prepare closing letters as requested from title companies
•  Collect assessments and other fees and deposit into association accounts
•  Maintain separate bank accounts in association name
•  Provide invoices to members for payment of assessments
•  Pay authorized vendors within designated terms
•  Provide the Treasurer with easy-to-read monthly financial reports
•  Provide CPA with year-end data to prepare Federal and State tax returns
•  File state entity report
•  Prepare annual budget for Board approval
•  Liaison between the Board and community
•  Review and become knowledgeable of your association documents including Bylaws and Restrictive Covenants
•  Attend quarterly Board meetings and annual meeting
•  Conduct on-site inspections
•  Obtain bids and maintenance contracts and execute accordingly
•  Monitor all contracted work to ensure compliance with job specifications
•  Arrange for and monitor all emergency work orders
•  Work with Board to provide continuity from year-to-year and plan for future capital expenditures
•  Professional property maintenance and repair
Due to the need for expedited repairs and maintenance work within the communities we’ve partnered with, we offer professional maintenance work via two full-time, skilled workers. Leith and Connor are valuable members of our team who would be happy to help with interior/exterior improvements, repair work, honey-do lists, or your next project. Please call or e-mail us to schedule.

A Full Service Community Management Company...